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(7.30.09) Proclaiming Liberty Throughout the Land
On the top of the Liberty Bell this verse is imprinted: "Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." Leviticus 25:10. This article may seem like a call to arms. Well, it is intended to get folks fired up about LIBERTY, but not to take up arms just yet.

(7.24.09) Proclaiming Liberty Throughout the Land
Principles that propelled this nation to greatness will succeed again in the future.

(3.20.09) A High Calling: The Work of an Entrepreneur
The people who create wealth deserve much more credit for the benefits they confer upon society.

(10.31.08) The Foundation of Liberty and its Importance Today
We need to learn the history behind our nation's liberty if we wish to preserve that liberty in the future.

(6.20.08) The Science of Liberty
Basic American ideals have produced and can continue to produce prosperity.

(5.04.07) The Heart of North Carolina and America
It's easy to find good examples of the positive power of the private sector.

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