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Fergus Hodgson (@FergHodgson) is Director of Fiscal Policy Studies at the John Locke Foundation, a Policy Advisor with The Future of Freedom Foundation, and a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council's Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force. He also hosts a weekly show, "The Stateless Man," with the Overseas Radio Network. Previously, he was a Visiting Scholar with the American Institute for Economic Research, Massachusetts, and a Research Associate with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, Canada.

His commentaries have appeared in newspapers and magazines in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand, including the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Sacramento Bee, Charlotte Observer, Providence Journal, and Washington Times. He has also contributed to online outlets such as the Daily Caller, The American Conservative, World Net Daily, Fox News Latino, CounterPunch,, and Read his Locker Room blog contributions here.

Given a particular interest in migration, Latin America, and foreign affairs, he has a fortnightly column in the Spanish-language newspaper, La Conexión, and he is a frequent guest on the Russia Today television network.

After receiving an athletic scholarship and moving from rural New Zealand, he graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He then completed a second major in political science and taught macroeconomics with the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

Articles by Fergus Hodgson

(10.25.12) The Rich and Corporations Are Already Soaked
Efforts to target big business and the wealthy for higher tax rates ignore basic facts of America's existing tax burden.

(10.02.12) When You’d Rather Not Look In the Mirror
Recent world rankings detail the sorry state of freedom in the United States.

(8.14.12) The Status Quo Should Be the Real Third Rail
The convoluted Social Security scheme benefits the bloated bureaucracy and people who make their living offering guidance about the system, not those receiving the payments.

(7.17.12) Unfunded Liabilities Won’t Go Away
Governments at the federal and state level have made promises without setting aside the money needed to keep them.

(3.16.12) The Absurdity of Raw Milk Prohibition
The facts should convince N.C. lawmakers to reverse state rules that stifle liberty for no good reason.

(1.19.12) No Time To Ignore Unemployment Insurance Hole
Generous unemployment benefits have led to a UI deficit that will take years to repay. Tightening our UI belts will reduce government debt and improve the state's labor market.

(1.13.12) No Time to Ignore Unemployment Insurance Hole
Scaling back average benefits and eligibility limits would help North Carolina pay back its $2.6 billion debt.

(9.01.11) Tax Flight Is No Myth
Advocates of higher tax rates use questionable research to bolster their case.

(8.12.11) The ‘Myth’ Of Tax Flight
Advocates of higher tax rates use questionable research to bolster their case.

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