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(9.24.15) Ohio Transplant Tourgee Influenced Reconstruction-Era N.C.
Early civil-rights advocate Albion Tourgee was a successful judge, litigator, and fiction writer.

(9.17.15) Constitution Day Marks Good Time For Reflection
Key founders would have appreciated a day set aside to commemorate one of the nation's fundamental documents.

(7.23.15) Magna Carta’s Impact on American Founders
Though 800 years old, England’s “Great Charter” continues to exercise influence over our world today.

(6.25.15) Magna Carta Helped Make Us a Nation of Laws
Americans often express statements such as “The president is not above the law,” or “It doesn’t matter how much money one has, everyone is equal under the law.” These sentiments can be traced back to Magna Carta.

(6.19.15) Federalism Helps Protect Liberty
It's time for Americans to remember the underappreciated and misunderstood federal structure of the United States.

(5.26.15) Hard-Living Tar Heel Pioneers Banjo Music
Randolph County mill worker Charlie Poole became a national sensation during the 1920s.

(5.21.15) Hard-Living Tar Heel Charlie Poole A Pioneer of Banjo Music
A mill worker from Randolph County became a national sensation during the 1920s.

(3.26.15) N.C. Played Crucial Role At Civil War’s End
Some scholars contend that one-sixth of the Confederate dead hailed from the Old North State.

(12.16.14) When Politics Turned Physical
An influential early 19th-century N.C. congressman was bloodied during a “fracas” following a heated debate with a colleague.

(11.06.14) Ebola Outbreak Revives Memories of 1918
Few remember the flu pandemic that wiped out 20 million to 40 million people more than 95 years ago.

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