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News that automaker Volvo has bypassed North Carolina for its new manufacturing plant has renewed the debate over how to recruit companies to the state, particularly as it applies to the state’s use of targeted tax incentives and subsidies. Some say North Carolina lost the Volvo plant because it didn’t play at the level necessary, but Roy Cordato, the John Locke Foundation’s vice president for research, says support of subsidies is based on flawed economics. Then we turn to the 2016 presidential election. Conservatives and Republicans spend a lot of time focusing on “job creators” and “job seekers.” If they want to win the 2016 presidential election, they must spend more time paying attention to “job holders.” That was a key piece of advice pollster Kellyanne Conway offered during a recent Headliner speech for the John Locke Foundation. Conway, founder and president of the polling company, also noted the importance of finding a Republican presidential candidate who’s unafraid of likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Next is a look at K-12 education policy. A recent state budget provision that requires new charter school operators to set aside $50,000 for closing expenses creates an unreasonable obstacle. That’s the assessment of Marcus Brandon, a former Democratic state representative and High Point charter school founder. Brandon shared his concerns during a recent news conference. That’s followed by a look at Gov. Pat McCrory’s government efficiency initiative, NC GEAR. The program recently released its findings, and the reception among state lawmakers has been lukewarm at best. You’ll hear highlights from a recent review of the document from the legislature’s Program Evaluation Division oversight group. Next, we delve further into charter school regulations with JLF Director of Research and Education Studies Terry Stoops. He discusses the continuing battle waged by charters for fair and equitable treatment by policymakers, and some of the regulatory hoops the schools are required to negotiate.


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