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Jun. 26th — Meeting a Special Need
When special needs children arenít well-served by North Carolinaís K-12 public education system, what recourse do they have? Unfortunately, the answer has historically been ďnot much.Ē This year, a bipartisan, forward-thinking coalition of state lawmakers has set out to change that.

Jun. 19th — ďA Lifeline of HopeĒ
Tough times may be in store for the nationís first federally-funded voucher program. Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Educationís Institute of Education Sciences (IES) released its latest evaluation (.pdf) of Washington, DCís Opportunity Scholarship Program.

Jun. 18th — Special-Needs Tax Credits Could Save Millions
RALEIGH Ė North Carolina could save millions of dollars, improve student performance, and boost parent satisfaction by adopting new education tax credits for special-needs students. Thatís the conclusion of a new John Locke Foundation Spotlight report.

Jun. 13th — A Wiser Choice than Preschool Programs
North Carolina posted some of the largest test-score gains in the nation during the early to 1990s, before the state invested heavily in preschool programs.

Jun. 12th — Spanking The Wrong Miscreant
North Carolina has no business making up its own tests and then changing them periodically to suit political and institutional interests.

Jun. 12th — Shooting Straight on the Graduation Rate
Itís that time of year again. This week marked the end of another academic year for students attending traditional public schools in North Carolina. For high school seniors in the midst of graduation ceremonies, this time also represents a proud and much-anticipated rite of passage from the K-12 years to the world of higher education or work.

Jun. 9th — A Wiser Choice Than Preschool
Contrary to popular impression, there has never been good evidence for the notion that preschool intervention explains differences in educational attainment.

Jun. 6th — Education Data 2008
The past 30 years have ushered in dramatic changes to American education. Thatís the principal message of The Condition of Education 2008, the National Center for Education Statisticsí (NCES) annual compilation of education facts.

Jun. 5th — Two Good Choices For Reading
Total participation in state school voucher and tax-credit programs exceeds 150,000 American students, and has nearly doubled in just five years.

Jun. 4th — The Problem Of (College) Teacher Pay
My favorite provision of the state-budget proposal from the House is to rationalize the treatment of teachers and state employees on pay increases.

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