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Feb. 27th — Research Devil's Triangle
Boosters of government research subsidies accept uncritically the idea that more taxpayer spending means higher economic returns. Unfortunately, this simplistic model is being used to defend UNC and special-interest pork from budget cuts.

Feb. 22nd — Student fees increases are being overlooked in tuition discussions
Although tuition increases have generated the most controversy in the past few months and years at schools in the University of North Carolina System, another increasing cost of attending UNC schools -- increasing student fees -- has gone unremarked.

Feb. 15th — Inspired by Sept. 11, some new college courses dismissed as 'psychobabble'
New courses inspired by the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 have been developed on college campuses nationwide. Most deal matter-of-factly with the issues, but some have come under criticism for being "gadfly courses" and "politically correct pseudo-courses."

Feb. 8th — Poll shows how college students were affected by events of Sept. 11
About two out of three college students have changed their behavior as a result of the terrorist attacks of Septemeber 11, according to a poll released this week by the Independent Women's Forum. Ninety-six percent of students polled report that the attacks had an impact on their lives.

Feb. 1st — Racial references to blame for black graduation rates at N.C. State, not low aid
A collection of black student interest groups at North Carolina State University has graded the university on the subjects of enrollment and graduation of black students and recruitment of black faculty. The African-American Student Advisory Council, not surprisingly, gave the university mostly failing grades. In essence, the groups gave N.C. State low marks because the university doesn't discriminate enough in the way they want it to.

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