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Mar. 28th — Survey finds one-sided political affiliation among UNC-Chapel Hill faculty
A survey of faculty members in nine departments at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has found that over four-fifths are registered Democrats. The results of the survey, conducted by the conservative student magazine Carolina Review for its March issue, called into question UNC-CH's devotion to diversity.

Mar. 22nd — Discrimination for diversity's sake doesn't help minorities succeed
The controversy over minority enrollment in North Carolina colleges gets right to the heart of diversity, the cardinal virtue of academe. Although the issue has been vexing colleges for years, it doesn't take an outside observer long to realize the absurdly simple crux of the matter. The problem with minorities is just that there are just so few of them.

Mar. 15th — N.C. colleges keep up with national trend toward sexualizing courses, events
A class at the University of California at Berkeley came under fire in February when the public learned participants received college credit for a course that involved, among other things, visiting strip clubs, watching an instructor engage in sexual intercourse, and engaging in orgies at an instructor’s house.

Mar. 8th — UNC board votes to increase student group's budget by 6,600 percent
The Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina this week approved a systemwide, $1 increase in student fees to fund the UNC Association of Student Governments. The increase will raise the UNCASG's budget from $2,500 to $165,000 -- an increase of 6,600 percent.

Mar. 1st — Racial intimidation at N.C. State
On Thursday, Feb. 28, North Carolina State University Prof. Phillip Muñoz's political science class on "Law and Justice" was interrupted by a group of black students. The group passed out slips of paper to students as they entered the classroom, then lined up along the side wall of the classroom. The group never spoke, not even to respond to the professor's repeated invitations to state their case. They were there to offer support, or better stated, intimidation, on behalf of a black student upset about the class.

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