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Apr. 27th — Call. 14: Two N.C. Universities Consider 'Tattling' on Student Drinkers
An Alcohol Task Force at N.C. State University is sending a recommendation to Chancellor Marye Anne Fox that would have university officials notify the parents of students who commit two alcohol violations. The task force making that recommendation comprises students, faculty and staff.

Apr. 23rd — Call. 13: Public Acceptance of Lying Extends to the Triangle
According to the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative organization based in Washington D.C., public acceptance of lying in academe has increased in recent years. The May-June issue of AEI's magazine, The American Enterprise, includes several articles that blame postmodern scholarship on this recent trend.

Apr. 9th — Call. 11: Report Discourages Privatization of Housekeeping at UNC-CH
According to a report by Roesel, Kent and Associates of Marietta, Ga., privatization of residence hall housekeeping at UNC-CH would not save money and would, infact, cost the university an additional $59,620. To arrive at that figure, RKA & Associates compared in-house and contracting out cost over a five year period.

Apr. 2nd — Call. 10: Supreme Court case has implications for N.C. universities
A case before the Supreme Court could change the way public universities in North Carolina and across the nation allocate student-activities fees. The Justices agreed to hear a suit five law students at the University of Wisconsin brought against their school over how the university allocated a portion of the mandatory activity fees it collects. Across the country, there has been several similar cases recently concerning potential First-Amendment violations by universities in their collection and expenditure of mandatory fees.

Apr. 2nd — Call. 12: Privatization Report at UNC Raises Problems, Few Questions
The report on privatization of housekeeping services at UNC-Chapel Hill, which was performed by Roesel, Kent & Associates in Atlanta, Ga., prompted few questions from the Outsourcing Steering Committe when it was presented on April 12, despite several problems with the report.

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