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Jul. 29th — The UNC-Qur'an Issue
It was the choice of the book, not the idea of exposing UNC students to Islamic culture, that was the boneheaded move. Now UNC leaders are absurdly sputtering about freedom and tolerance.

Jul. 29th — Campus intellectual intolerance is back
In 1976, I was a student at Duke Law School. One of the campus speakers that year was Milton Friedman, who had recently received the Nobel Prize in economics. Prior to his talk, leftist student groups posted signs around the campus protesting Friedmanís appearance on the grounds that since he had once given some economic advice to Pinochetís government in Chile, he was therefore complicit in that regimeís repression.

Jul. 25th — A Lesson in Statistics
A recent report suggests that sending more high school graduates to college will boost their incomes and expand our economic pie. It was based on a poor understanding of statistics and of the higher education market.

Jul. 12th — Study finds foreign student program rife with corruption
The Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C., released in June a very damning evaluation of the Foreign Student Program. Conducted by George Borjas, Pforzheimer Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, the evaluation finds the program rife with corruption and failing abysmally at achieving its advertised benefits.

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