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Aug. 30th — Is it our colleges' fault that our kids don't know American basics?
About every year or so, a group interested in education reform will poll college seniors about ought-to-be-well-known facts concerning American history, politics, and other subjects. These invariably find about the same thing: in those subjects, students know surprisingly little.

Aug. 23rd — Approaching the Qur'an -- Why Bother?
Suppose you are dining out at a fine restaurant. You look over a menu that has many excellent items you are sure you would enjoy. At the very bottom you see this: "Plate of Spaghetti Without Sauce." It's priced the same as the other entrees. Would you order the spaghetti, or something else?

Aug. 16th — The tragic life and death of a poster boy
He was held up as the poster boy of racial preferences in the fight against California’s Proposition 209, the ballot initiative outlawing preferences passed overwhelmingly in 1996. An ardent defender of preferences, in 1995 he was profiled as their best defense in the pages of The Nation, The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times.

Aug. 9th — State budget crisis brings UNC 'overhead receipts' under scrutiny
Public universities in North Carolina this year received $120 million from the federal government in "overhead receipts." That money is intended to help pay the universities' administrative and institutional costs in conducting research for federal projects. It is also coming under legislative scrutiny in this tight budgetary era, as lawmakers question how the universities use that money and whether it duplicates any state funding efforts.

Aug. 2nd — Poll results show college students are learning 'do your own thing' ethics
College students are being taught to behave unethically in today's workplace despite their own personal beliefs, according to a report released July 23 by the National Association of Scholars.

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