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Sep. 27th — The latest dip in the roller-coaster ride of N.C. State's library improvements
Hours and services will be restored to D.H. Hill Library on the campus of North Carolina State University, school officials have announced. Public pressure, student activism, work between library officials and the provost's office, and the state legislature's joint conference committee budget report all contributed to a restoration of library services, which will be effective Oct. 16.

Sep. 20th — How to teach about the war at America's 'leading public university'
The fall semester has started. The war on terror is reportedly about to extend to Iraq. Both those events mean that "teach-ins" are about to return to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, whose chancellor recently spoke of his vision of UNC-CH as "America's leading public university," a "university with a moral compass."

Sep. 13th — Scholars make the case, apparently, for sex studies at UNC-Chapel Hill
A new academic program has been proposed for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It would be a certificate program, similar to a minor, in the field of "sexuality studies." According to the News & Observer (July 29), students in the program would take five courses that "delve into issues of sexual identity, sexual ambiguity and the role of sex in society, politics, art, law, history and religion."

Sep. 6th — Suggestions for a diversity of provocation at UNC-Chapel Hill
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chancellor James Moeser recently told the National Press Club in Washington that the university would continue to pick "provocative" books for its infamous Summer Reading Program. No one asked, "Provocative to whom?"

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