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Nov. 28th — Feeling Sorry for the Planners
Many residents of growing communities will say they like the notion of high-density development in theory – as long as someone else is going to live there, and it won’t be next door.

Nov. 20th — Suits Plague Waterfront Projects
RALEIGH — Two lawsuits alleging fraud in the financing of two waterfront communities in eastern North Carolina link politically connected individuals to the developments.

Nov. 17th — No. 925: DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL IN CORRUPT N.C.
Pity the press in North Carolina: They fail to investigate widespread corruption and they let politicians stall their way out of accountability.

Nov. 9th — The Mouse that Poured
It's a fact that, for better of for worse, many Americans pursue immoderate habits when it comes to food and drink. One result is that in the U.S. we have been getting noticeably more chubby. So, it seems, have our American mice. The health effects may be a past tense problem, however. Now, fat mice can have the same healthy profile as their normal-weight counterparts. Apparently, two vices are better than one.

Nov. 7th — Zoning Fight Erupts in Vance
RALEIGH — Vance County officials’ plans to implement zoning regulations have aroused opposition by an organized and vocal citizens group who became enraged when they learned that planning of the zoning ordinance had progressed for years without their knowledge. Tonight! Follow election results with John Locke Foundation bloggers in The Locker Room, with analysis of legislative races; the Wake County Schools bond and Durham district attorney race; congressional contests including the N.C. 11th District race between Rep. Charles Taylor and Heath Shuler; and much more!

Nov. 2nd — Don't Count Out Local Races
A telling way to track the emergence of a truly competitive, two-party political system in North Carolina is to delve down to changes in partisan composition of county governments.

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