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Apr. 29th — Sports Millions Bring Meager Returns
CHARLOTTE In the last six years, Charlotte and other nearby local governments have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in sports and recreation-based economic development projects. Far from being a slam-dunk, the projects have badly underperformed versus expectations.

Apr. 21th — Time To Put Childish Things Away
Unfortunately, many politicians have yet to grow out of the toddler phase when it comes to spotting and discarding spurious correlations.

Apr. 16th — Incentives Crash With Skybus
CHARLOTTE Less than six months after state and local officials announced up to $57 million in aid for Skybus, the new airline with an unusual business model went out of business.

Apr. 10th — JLF Reports Question Proposed Sales Tax Hikes
RALEIGH County commissioners in several North Carolina counties could avoid proposed sales tax increases for years by diverting money from existing revenue streams to high-priority county government functions, according to findings in new John Locke Foundation Regional Briefs.

Apr. 9th — Command or Competition?
The most familiar story of the need for extensive bank regulation depicts pre-Federal Reserve banking in the U.S. as chaotic, rife with uncertainty and bank failure. But that's not the story that a more complete history offers. In the regulation vs. deregulation debate, there are important instances of well-functioning free enterprise banking and market discipline. In the U.S., the best example is the Suffolk Clearinghouse system.

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