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It's not all about politics! Check here for commentary on culture and society in North Carolina.


Aug. 28th — Journalist Klein Outlines Bad Blood Between Clintons and Obamas
The two power couples may dislike one another, but there's little policy distance separating Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Aug. 4th — The ‘Ruling Class’ Promises Peace, But Its Actions Ensure The Opposite
Pacifism mixed with an arrogant idealism has not made our nation or the world safer.

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Jun. 4th — Fontova Documents Media’s Crush on Fidel Castro
The fawning Western press continues to paint a flattering picture of Castro's Cuba with no justification whatsoever.

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Jan. 31st — Gates Provides Lessons About Politics, Bureaucracy
The former secretary of Defense's memoir sometimes tells it like it is.

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