Why You Should Join The Carolina Journal Publisher’s Council

The John Locke Foundation’s Carolina Journal gives you investigative reporting about North Carolina politics that no other news outlet can match. Carolina Journal is North Carolina’s real alternative media source. Long time readers of CJ know that nearly every political scandal in the past 10 years was first exposed in the pages of Carolina Journal

It takes money to do the kind of intense reporting Carolina Journal does. And with your support, we have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams, publishing stories exposing millions of dollars in government waste, numerous cases of political cronyism, sweetheart real estate deals for politicians, and secret political slush funds.

Government without scrutiny from an aggressive press is a dangerous thing. That’s why Carolina Journal is ramping up its efforts, even as the mainstream media retrenches. We can’t let our elected and appointed officials go about their business in the dark.

While mainstream newspapers are cutting staff, Carolina Journal recently has added staff, specifically to cover the state legislature. We now have radio and video to augment our print and web editions. Nearly 30,000 subscribers receive the print CJ in the mail each month, bringing to 200,000 the number of North Carolinians who see our various CJ offerings in print, online and on radio.

Together we are formidable team! Join our Publishers Council at one of the levels below. Make your tax-deductible contribution today by writing a check to the John Locke Foundation, or use your credit card on our secure server.

Keep our presses rolling and our reporters looking over the shoulders of our elected and appointed officials. Your donation will advance the cause of good and open government in North Carolina. Together, we can continue to expose government waste, fraud and corruption.

Thank you.

Jon Ham

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