Ahead of a State Board of Elections meeting on Tuesday afternoon, leaders of six different third parties in North Carolina sent a letter to board members urging them to reverse an “egregiously anti-representative decision” they made to not grant ballot access to three different third parties at the end of June. 

The Justice for All Party, the We the People Party, and the Constitution Party previously claimed they obtained well over the required number of petition signatures to qualify as official parties in North Carolina. However, Democratic leaders of the State Board of Elections raised questions about the validity of certain signature sets. The divided Board of Elections voted against certifying each party during the June meeting, citing the potential for fraudulent signatures.

The decision inhibits Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. from appearing on the ballot this November, who is expected to pull key votes away from President Joe Biden. Still, skeptical board members said it’s a “no for now,” indicating they could reverse the decision after gathering more information. 

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The letter, signed by leaders of the North Carolina Forward Party, Green Party, Justice For All Party, Libertarian Party, Veterans Party, and We the People, said Tuesday’s meeting is a chance to “assuage any doubts, remove potential perceptions of partisan impropriety, and rectify the entire situation.”

“We all certainly do not agree on all policy issues, and we look forward to the opportunity to resolve those differences in a truly representative government, the way the Founders of our country intended,” the letter reads. “We stand together unequivocally, though, in asking that you approve the applications before you today. I look forward to you doing the right thing for our state, our country, and the Republic and ideals that bind us as Americans.”

The letter was written by Ryan Brown, chair of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina, on behalf of several non-major parties and unaffiliated voters. It was sent to five board members and Karen Brinson Bell, executive director of the North Carolina State Board.

The Board meets at 1:30 pm Tuesday and the agenda shows that they plan to consider the petition for recognition of the Constitution Party, which a source indicated board members are prepared to approve. However, a mere update is anticipated for the We The People Party and Justice For All Party.