• Raleigh Outdoor Dining Debate Parses Table Definitions

    A debate about the difference between picnic tables and “communal seating” dominated two hours of discussion at Wednesday’s meeting of the Outdoor Seating Design Review Committee, a part of the Raleigh City Appearance Commission. The committee, which has been assigned by the Raleigh City Council to look at design rules…

  • Raleigh Sets Curfew for Outdoor Drinking, Dining

    RALEIGH — Under the provision passed Tuesday, restaurants must stop serving patrons on sidewalks at midnight Sunday through Thursday, and 1:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. It also establishes a maximum capacity rule of 15 square feet per person for outdoor dining areas and requires outdoor areas where alcohol is served to be “delineated by clearly visible barriers,” separating them from public sidewalks.

  • Raleigh Council May Take Up Sidewalk Rules

    The Raleigh Appearance Commission’s recommendation for outdoor dining regulations, approved unanimously March 17 for city council review in April, could turn some of the city’s previous rules upside down. The new proposal, which addresses signage, furniture, capacity, and delineation for sidewalk dining spaces, would eliminate stanchions except for special circumstances,…

  • PARODY: Raleigh Officials Seek Vibrancy Regulations from U.N.

    In an effort to impose still more outdoor dining regulations on Raleigh’s restaurant and bar owners, Mayor Nancy McFarlane, along with city council member Russ Stephenson, took a café tour in late February on the streets of Paris to note the sidewalk seating standards of Europe’s most vibrant city. The…

  • Raleigh May Ease Sidewalk Dining Rules

    RALEIGH — Tasked by the city council in December to discuss patio borders, capacity limits, outdoor furniture, and outdoor signage for sidewalk dining areas, on Jan. 13 the Raleigh Appearance Commission discussed changes that would end the requirement for restaurants to separate their patios from public sidewalks with stanchions.

  • McFarlane Wins Third Term As Raleigh Mayor

    RALEIGH — Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane cruised to a third term in Tuesday’s municipal elections, and Charlotte Democrats voted to end the brief tenure of appointed Mayor Dan Clodfelter in favor of former four-term Mecklenburg County commissioner Jennifer Roberts. Meantime, Raleigh voters embraced several city council candidates who favor tougher restrictions on growth.

  • Raleigh Working To Legalize, Then Regulate Airbnb

    RALEIGH — Airbnb and similar short-term rental services are illegal under Raleigh’s existing bed and breakfast zoning rules, said Eric Braun, chairman of the City Planning Department’s Text Change Committee, at a Sept. 15 meeting. “I think some people get mixed up and think we are regulating something that was not regulated. Well, it’s not legal — so we are trying to legalize it.”