• JLF’s Julie Tisdale pans taxpayer support of new sports stadiums

    Julie Tisdale, John Locke Foundation city and county policy analyst, explains why taxpayer support of new sports stadiums doesn’t make economic sense for Raleigh or other communities. Tisdale offered these comments during an interview with Donna Martinez for Carolina Journal Radio.

  • Studies Question Incentives, Stadiums

    RALEIGH β€” Many cities use tax incentives and other gimmicks to attract large companies with the hope of spurring economic growth. However, a recent study indicates that these large firms may not boost growth, and in fact, may merely displace other businesses. Similarly, advocates of sports subsidies claim that tax-funded stadiums benefit communities by providing jobs and attracting sales revenue from out-of-towners. Numerous studies show that public benefits have not materialized. One found that in 12 metro areas, sports-team venues did not contribute to net employment. Another concluded found that pro sports franchises had no effect on income growth.

  • Momentum builds toward ABC reforms, but don’t get cocky

    Talk of momentum is mostly an exercise in mysticism. Unless measured physically β€” as it relates to velocity and mass β€” momentum is figurative, nothing more than idea, a feeling. Yet it’s an apt description of something in motion, and I can think of no…

  • Bill would allow alcohol sales at public college events

    A bill in the N.C. House would authorize public colleges and universities to allow the sale of alcohol at stadiums, athletic facilities, and arenas located on school property. Reps. John Bell, R-Greene; James Boles Jr., R-Moore; Ken Goodman, D-Richmond; and David Lewis, R-Harnett, are the primary…