The N.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission has taken another step in passing rules to expand the size of growlers from 2 to 4 liters.

On Wednesday, Feb. 9. the commission held a public hearing on the proposed, permanent Expand Allowable Growler Size rule. The move is part of House Bill 890, an alcohol omnibus bill passed last year. The hearing period runs through March 4.

The bill, in large part, aims to level the playing field for distillers, making rules more consistent with those governing breweries and wineries. Cooper signed the measure Sept. 10. Among other things, H.B. 890 would allow people to order online and pick products up from state ABC stores, loosen rules for tours in N.C. distilleries, and allow distillers to sell their products at festivals.

A “growler,” as defined by law, is a “rigid glass, ceramic, plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel container with a closure or cap with a secure sealing that is no larger than 4 liters — 1.0567 gallons — into which a malt beverage or unfortified wine is pre-filled, filled, or refilled for off-premises consumption.”

“The House takes alcohol beverage control seriously,” Rep. Tim Moffitt, R-Henderson, said in a committee hearing last year. “[W]e appreciate that we’re one of 17 remaining control states … [T]his bill is responsible when it comes to maintaining that, but it’s always responsive [to] the changing dynamics and the disruptions we’re currently seeing in the field of alcohol in our state.”

The commission, as part of its regular monthly meeting Wednesday, also approved a mediated settlement agreement with F&C Group, LLC. In April, the ABC suspended the ABC permits for Tranquilo in Greensboro. “The suspension came as a result of a review of sworn statements submitted by law enforcement officers of the Greensboro Police Department, special agents of N.C. Alcohol Law Enforcement, and Greensboro civilians,” the ABC says.

Four people were stabbed at the nightclub last year, with non-life-threatening injuries, the News & Record of Greensboro reported. 

“Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan took to Facebook after the incident to share her thoughts,” the newspaper wrote in April.

“‘Tranquilo was not very tranquil today. Reports of a possible stabbing/shots fired sent people running. It was a beautiful day in downtown Greensboro, until it wasn’t,’” Vaughan wrote, according to the N&R.

Tranquilo, at 221 South Elm St., has held ABC permits since June 2018, the ABC says in a news release. 

“Any future application for an ABC Permit from F&C Group LLC or its members … and received by certified mail within six months of today’s date shall receive immediate review by the N.C ABC Commission for a temporary ABC permit,” the ABC says. 

“There are no guarantees of issuance.”

The ABC on Wednesday ratified 39 hearing cases that resulted in penalties in excess of $44,400 and/or imposition of suspensions of permits for three days or more, the release says.