Archive: CJ Exclusives

  • UNC-CH Seniors Support Undergrad Library

    House Undergraduate Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will receive an endowment worth at least $20,000 from the senior class of 2003. Jon Sanders says UNC-CH seniors decided upon the endowment in an online poll that included two other choices.

  • Airports Still Flying High in NC

    The airline industry continues to be caught in a severe financial downdraft, as the effects of a weak economy and the aftermath of Sept. 11 send carriers to a second year of heavy losses. Michael Lowrey reports that despite setbacks, North Carolina’s main airports remain attractive and busy places to…

  • NC Ponders No Child Left Behind Act

    The adequate yearly progress component of the No Child Left Behind Act presents a challenge to state boards of education across the United States, reports Karen Palasek. As the state board meetings in Raleigh in October and November reveal, establishing the adequate yearly progress standard is an important process for…

  • Universities Challenged to Restore Liberty, Accountability

    Academics discussed several challenges facing higher education in North Carolina at the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy’s conference in Chapel Hill on Oct. 26. Jon Sanders says those included answering the calls for increasing accountability, restoring liberty and dignity, and translating lofty goals into practical application.

  • ‘Smart Growth’ Fizzles at Election Time

    The September release of a Smart Growth America study charging that North Carolina’s Triad and Triangle regions have the second- and third-most serious sprawl problems in the country put discussion of so-called “Smart Growth” back in the state’s news. But Donna Martinez reports that growth policies took a backseat to…

  • Tax Problems Acknowledged

    In late October the North Carolina Economic Development Board released its 2002 Economic Development Strategic Plan. The 57-page plan relies heavily on government-funded programs, but also draws attention to North Carolina’s high tax rates and overall tax burden, reports Don Carrington.

  • Academic Freedom Discussed at Pope Conference

    A distinguished panel of academic thinkers discussed academic freedom in the wake of September 11 as part of the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy’s conference in Chapel Hill Oct. 26. The conference focused on “challenges facing higher education in North Carolina.” By Jon Sanders.

  • Revolutionaries Lead Way to School Reform

    The Education Leaders Council, born in 1995, is an advocacy group that describes itself as an action tank, not a think tank, reports Karen Palasek. The result was the beginning of an organization that in September 2002 brought more than 400 state school superintendents, teachers, policymakers, education analysts, and consultants…

  • UNC Committee Proposes Curriculum Overhaul

    Jon Sanders writes that more than 100 faculty members worked with a handful of students and staff members at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to produce a proposed new general education curriculum for the university.