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  • Student achievement patterns

    WASHINGTON, DC — One year after the nation’s governors pledged to improve American high schools, most states have made progress in raising achievement in the elementary grades, but secondary schools still struggle to close gaps.

  • The System Made Me Do It

    There is plenty of mocking and sneering in Raleigh these days over House Speaker Jim Black's present difficulties, which surround his questionable practice of handing out political favors concurrently with distributing blank $100 checks to legislative supporters. A lot of people are blaming it on "the system."…

  • What Do Test Scores Really Mean in NC?

    It’s the time of year again for end-of-grade and end-of-course test scores to be released. If history repeats itself, educators will be patting themselves on the back. Remember last year? About 94 percent of schools received bonuses for achievement on North Carolina tests.