Archive: Charlotte Exclusives

  • Racing Against the Tide

    It is no surprise, but a NASCAR hall of fame in uptown is now a top priority of civic leaders. Public money and/or land for the project seems to be a done-deal already. It should not be.

  • Brave New Charlotte

    An academic dust-up over cost-overruns for transit projects is just one sign that the old planning model Charlotte follows is breaking down.

  • Reviewing the Reviewers

    The privately-funded task force charged with studying Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools from the outside seems a little heavy on insiders with the same tired approaches.

  • Civil War at CMS

    CMS officials testify in Raleigh that a lack of money and good teachers, but mostly good teachers, is to blame for poor performance at several schools. Teachers seem to disagree.

  • The Tax and Spend Trap

    On top of $16 million tax hike enacted last year, county officials now ponder closing a $35 million budget gap with yet another tax hike. Time for a new approach.

  • The School Rules

    Public concern about Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools boils over while as the search for alternatives to the current student-assignment plan continues.

  • Banking on Art

    One idea for coming up with the millions needed to fund arts projects in Charlotte would put them inside new banking towers. Good plan or bad fit?…

  • For Whom the Roads Toll

    The toll road fix for traffic congestion will get its most serious look yet. It is a chance for the region to break free of the failed transportation models of the past.