Archive: Charlotte Exclusives

  • Our Not So Secret Shame

    An attack on a high school teacher is the latest evidence that Charlotte-Mecklenburg has a serious discipline problem in some schools. The time for denial is long past.

  • Accident Reports Will Happen

    A new state-wide computerized reporting system may trigger federal restrictions on sharing accident report data with the public. North Carolina officials need to work to avoid this possibility.

  • The Ballot Bulletin

    The N.C. Supreme Court ruling that tossed out out-of-precinct provisional ballots statewide could have a big impact on local elective offices. Races past, present, and future will be effected.

  • Time Changes Everything

    Homeowners may find their monthly house payments jump up in response to a little-noticed change in state law undertaken to get money to local governments faster.

  • Here Comes the Judge

    Remember the Wake County judge who had questions about how Char-Meck Schools spends its money? He's back and wants system officials to appear in his courtroom to answer him.

  • Planning for Trouble

    Both small-scale events and huge development projects can fall prey to bad planning. One key factor? Ignoring what the public actually wants.

  • Race to the Bottom

    As if a $130 million wish list for arts projects was not big enough, Charlotte leaders now ponder adding a NASCAR racing museum to the list. Since when is NASCAR hurting for money?…