Archive: Charlotte Exclusives

  • Turn on the Spending Spigot?

    With a Democratic sweep of at-large seats on the county commission, the balance of power has shifted toward advocates of more spending on public schools and higher taxes for local residents.

  • Wave the Yellow Flag

    Charlotte is set to join the great national experiment on flashing yellow traffic signals, which are supposed to make driving safer. But market-based insights suggest caution is needed when trying to change human behavior on such a scale.

  • That Toddlin’ Town

    Indictments are coming fast in a trucking scandal in Chicago, demonstrating the danger of contracts with little oversight and subjective standards.

  • Hitting a Sour Vote

    Mecklenburg County is not alone in experiencing in-fighting over the upcoming November elections. The stakes are high and the election process in doubt.

  • Artful Dodging

    Mayor Pat McCrory does not like the art projects funded by the construction of new public buildings. The rest of Charlotte might feel the same way about $190 million plans for local arts funding.

  • Information Dump

    The Center for Digital Government praises the Char-Meck Web site for making information available to local citizens. And the trend should continue.

  • Teach Them Well

    Recent interest in shifting the most experienced public school teachers to the weakest schools simply assumes that teachers can fix broken schools by themselves. It is not so easy.

  • Next Stop, Cleveland?

    New Census Bureau information shows that Cleveland is the poorest big city in America, this despite years of "investment" in a light rail system that was supposed to help stave-off such woes.