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  • States are better governed

    Even if Washington confiscated every dollar received by every American in excess of $500,000 a year, that would yield only $11.8 trillion in new revenue over the next decade — less than currently projected deficits.

  • It’s time to fix redistricting. Why not now?

    Redistricting calls for leadership, and now is the time for reform. A three-judge panel is reviewing maps of some of the state’s House and Senate districts, which were drawn by lawmakers to comply with a ruling in Common Cause v Lewis. Plaintiffs…

  • Redistricting, gerrymandering, and legislating from the bench 

    I have written about gerrymandering in these pages before, but the recent Superior Court ruling that the state’s legislative districts constitute an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander makes me want to do it again.    This is a prime example of judicial overreach and regrettable encroachment of quantitative social…

  • Tax system remains progressive

    Although special circumstances may temporarily yield atypical results, in general the effective tax rate — annual taxes paid divided by annual income — rises as annual income rises.

  • Pols should accept urban realities

    If your goal is to alleviate traffic congestion and its adverse consequences, reduce the extent to which people enter vehicles of any kind in the first place, and how long they stay in them.

  • Share the roads … and share the costs, too

    Let me be clear, before I get too far into this piece, that I’m a big fan of good health. I try to eat right, I work out or run about every day, and, even at my advanced age, consider myself physically fit. I like bicycles,…

  • Political future may surprise us

    A common political shorthand is to pit “neighborhood interests” against “developers.” But while past versions tended to associate the former with the Left and the latter with the Right, that formulation doesn’t capture the current mood.

  • Now is no time to return redistricting to the shade

    New maps proposed for 2020 legislative elections emerged from the most open, transparent process North Carolina ever has used to draw election lines. It would be a shame to see those maps tossed out through a process that lacks the same degree of transparency. But that opaque outcome remains a…