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  • N.C. Cuts Save Taxpayers Billions

    RALEIGH — Here’s a statement that North Carolinians of all political stripes can agree is a fact: Gov. Pat McCrory and the state legislature have enacted the largest tax cut in the history of North Carolina. Conservatives celebrate this fact. Liberals decry it. Since the GOP won control of the …

  • How Republican Is North Carolina?

    RALEIGH — How Republican is North Carolina? My answer is 63. I realize this number has no meaning to you right now. I’ll explain it. For starters, I’m not saying that 63 percent of North Carolina voters are Republicans. Not even half of them are Republicans. In fact, out of …

  • Reining in Regulatory Growth

    North Carolina has become a national model in tax reform, in education reform, in the restraint of government growth. North Carolina can become a model in rules and regulation reform as well.

  • Iowa Offers Lesson for N.C.

    RALEIGH — The states of Iowa and North Carolina have at least two things in common. First, they are the nation’s top producers of hogs. Second, they are often overrun with politicians desperate to attract attention and votes. But I repeat myself. Now that we know the results of the …

  • Where’s the Intellectual Diversity?

    Administrators should recognize both the social biases that hurt students of certain backgrounds and the growing biases within their institutions that stunt intellectual inquiry, sterilize campus life, devalue research and diplomas, and deprive the public of the kinds of places they want to send their offspring.