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  • Push back on budget deficits

    State policymakers should resist the urge to treat “Washington” as a cash machine, since it has no money to spit out unless it first taxes us or borrows against future tax hikes.

  • Case for incentives strikes out

    North Carolina's tax reforms actually reduced our use of targeted tax incentives while dramatically increasing our use of pro-growth tax policy to encourage investment and job creation in the state.

  • Does government spending expand the economy?

    Every first-semester student in macroeconomics learns a simple question. It’s the equation for measuring gross domestic product, or GDP, which is used to measure the size of state and national economies. Growth in GDP is used to demonstrate how well the economy is performing during a particular time period, usually for a…

  • How will the workforce change? 

    I think a lot about the job market this time of year. This is because of all the graduations of high school and college seniors, and the fact many of them will be looking for their first full-time job.    It’s a cliché to say these young people will be entering…

  • Imprecise use of colorful phrase muddies voter ID debate

    Critics of North Carolina’s Republican-led General Assembly like to quote the words “almost surgical precision.” It’s unfortunate that those critics wield the phrase with such sloppiness that they obscure its original meaning. We’re likely to hear the quotation repeatedly between now and November. Thus it’s useful to…

  • Wheel of politics always turns

    The wisest course is to craft political institutions and make procedural rules as if you don’t know which party will be on top in the future — because you really don't.