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  • Innovative School District: A promising idea for improving schools 

    In 2016, the General Assembly passed a bill that created the Achievement School District — later changed to the Innovative School District or ISD — which was tasked to coordinate the transfer of up to five persistently low-performing district schools to a charter school operator. The purpose of the legislation was straightforward — assist district schools that…

  • Why kids bully and what to do about it 

    “Hurt people hurt people.”   That’s how one middle school principal summed up the origins of bullying for me. My interview with her was one of many I conducted, years ago, for a parenting book I wrote — yet her concise description of why kids bully has always stayed with…

  • Judge government by value added

    After adjusting test scores for student characteristics, only seven states — including North Carolina — rank high on at least three of four NAEP exams. Most of them spend less than the national average on public schools.

  • State leaders won’t blow surplus

    House Speaker Tim Moore, Senate leader Phil Berger, and their colleagues are determined not to repeat North Carolina's sad history of spending too much during boom years and then having to raise regressive sales taxes during recessionary years.

  • Backroads, byways, boondoggles, and brouhahas

    Backroads, byways, boondoggles, and brouhahas is an occasional column — taken from news sources throughout North Carolina — highlighting how government spends our money and makes other questionable moves about which state residents may not be aware. Robeson County is where North Carolina ends. Interstate 95 cuts straight through…

  • Partisan elections shouldn’t lead to a partisan judiciary

    “Politics have no place in our court system in North Carolina or any place else. Fairness deserves better than that, equality deserves better than that, and justice deserves better than that.” Fine sentiments, expressed by N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice Mike Morgan in a speech late last month at West…

  • Deeper discussion needed on schools

    In reading, the state with the highest test scores among low-income students is Indiana, a Republican state that ranks 49th in spending and earns plaudits for conservatives for its policies.