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  • Smart Growth & Redlining

    Those who favor additional growth controls might bristle at the comparison between Smart Growth and Jim Crow segregation, but the fact is when government restricts housing freedom, low-income populations are hurt the most.

  • Republicans and Overconfidence

    The national GOP is basking in the glow of sky-high poll numbers for President Bush, modest gains from redistricting, and leads in party identification. But it is long time until November.

  • Look for the Union Label

    Reporters often label a "conservative" or "libertarian" think tank as such, but hardly ever mention when an organization is left-wing or union-associated.

  • Does Easley Favor More Taxes?

    At a recent speech in Greensboro, the governor seemed to suggest giving localities the ability to raise sales taxes by $400 million starting in July — imposing yet more of a burden on a state economy already in serious trouble.

  • More on Economic Diversity

    New research provides empirical support for an earlier column about North Carolina’s dangerous reliance on a few key industries. The state ranks low (8th out of 11 Southern states) in the diversity of its industrial base.

  • Not Serious on Budget

    n his press conference yesterday, Gov. Easley foolishly ruled out shrinking the government workforce as one way of closing a growing budget gap — even as New York Gov. George Pataki announced plans for thousands of job cuts in the coming year.

  • Diversifying NC’s Portfolio

    A major factor explaining why North Carolina’s economy has been so hard hit by the recent recession is a lack of diversity in our manufacturing base. While other states have fostered broad entrepreneurial growth, NC has bet on a few industries.