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  • UNC Stumbles Around, Again

    Another controversy at UNC-Chapel Hill, which tried to discriminate against a religious group while citing the school's anti-discrimination policy, raises questions about a certain lack of common sense.

  • Piedmont Triad: Officially Loony

    The Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point region is proving to have just as many lunatics as there in Charlotte and the Triangle, given news that officials are considering a mass transit are project for $2 billion in construction costs alone that could hit taxpayers.

  • States Want Cash from DC

    State governments have a combined $17.5 billion deficit this year, and want Washington to bail them out. North Carolina is in a different boat — but ours is sinking, too, just not this year.

  • End, Don’t Mend, Sales Tax

    As the Easley administration and lawmakers prepare to debate sales-tax reform, they should seek the understand more clearly why the current system is flawed, and what alternatives exist.

  • Carolina Journal housekeeping

    On the night before the night before Christmas, not a creature was stirring in the political house, so now seems the time to mention some housekeeping items regarding Carolina Journal and invite your comments and suggestions.

  • A Right to beg?

    Asheville’s new law against “aggressive panhandling” has drawn national attention. At its core is an interesting point about why free speech is incoherent without private property rights.

  • North Carolina’s security role

    The Bush administration is planning to increase funding for special forces by $1 billion. Even if this didn’t involve a major investment in North Carolina, it would have deserved a cheer.

  • Star Trek and Star Wars politics

    As a follow-up to a recent, indispensable political analysis of comic book superheroes, here is the ironclad case for the proposition that the Star Trek television and movie franchise is liberal and the Star Wars movie franchise is conservative.

  • Don’t believe the hype

    Lots of folks say that North Carolina’s massive investment in public higher education has had huge benefits for the state and its economy. Higher education is valuable, but there is little evidence that above-average taxpayer subsidies improve outcomes.

  • Gore’s good call

    In bailing out of the 2004 presidential race, Al Gore made a good call for his party, his country, and himself. And who knows, he may be back in 2008, just in time to save us all from a horrible fate.