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  • Counties jockey for position

    Don’t look now, but flying beneath Raleigh’s political radar screen is a potential revolution by local governments who are bucking -- and suing -- state government.

  • The Phantom Session

    It’s almost Halloween, so it’s time for a scary story. And there are few as horrifying as the mysterious tale of the Phantom Session.

  • Free trade won, long ago

    Candidates for U.S. Senate are debating the issue of free trade, even though the economic and philosophical case for it was made two centuries ago by Adam Smith and others.

  • Is Social Security in crisis?

    Social Security’s future is one of the most important issues that any candidate can discuss, but based on the quality of the discussion in the U.S. Senate race so far, North Carolinians have a right to be confused about it.

  • Dole still leads Bowles

    The Locke Foundation’s Agenda 2002 poll found Dole leading Bowles by eight points, with moderates and independents breaking in favor of the Republican. But the game isn’t over -- not just yet.

  • Pundits Diverge on Elections

    The usual suspects among political observers are all over the map right now in describing the national political climate. Is there an anti-incumbency feeling? A Bush-led GOP resurgence? An economy-led Democratic advantage? There are no clear answers.

  • Foreign Country, Familiar Issues

    Over in England, the news sounds awfully familiar: there are traffic problems, debates about “urban sprawl” and standardized testing, out-of-control medical spending, and silly protests about globalization and the Middle East.

  • The Phony Liberal

    The Oct. 14 Senate debate featured Erskine Bowles reversing the usual Democratic strategy in a statewide election in NC. He was a moderate pretending to be a liberal. It was’'t believable.