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  • It’s the Last Lap

    Candidates for federal and state offices are spending Labor Day revving up for their last lap around the primary track. What to look for as the cars pass you by.

  • Merit’s Lack of Merit

    A new report indicts merit-based student aid, such as Georgia's HOPE scholarships. But don't count on public universities to give up their “academic freedom” to take other people's money.

  • Exceptional Case, Exceptional Remedy

    N.C. Court of Appeals candidate Nate Pendley says he is being unfairly targeted by leaders of his own Republican Party. But surely exceptional cases call for exceptional remedies, and there is sufficient reason to view Pendley's case as exceptional.

  • On Primaries & Black Turnout

    There must be some Democratic partisans who foresee a “perfect storm” if prominent African-American candidates for Congress and U.S. Senate are defeated by white challengers in the Sept. 10 primary. Turnout, and thus the party's fortunes, could collapse.

  • Another Lottery Primary

    A previous Daily Journal described the impact of the state lottery issue on legislative races. Since then, another example has emerged – a Triad Senate district where one pro-lottery incumbent is running against an anti-lottery incumbent.

  • Erskine Gets in Focus

    The Senate candidate's latest TV ad raises a host of troubling questions, the most serious being: could its intended, pathetic audience really be viewers of “The Simpsons”?…

  • Keep Watching the Bal

    The forces advocating a state lottery in North Carolina, led by the governor, haven't given up. The issue has popped up in legislative campaigns across the state, and will likely get another hearing in the N.C. House before the end of the session.

  • Put It To The Test

    We are about to undergo the annual ritual of hearing how well our students did on North Carolina's end-of-year tests. Of course they did well – the tests are designed to be passed through educated guessing. Skepticism is warranted.

  • Again with the “Dimwit”

    Reactions from state politicians to a downgrade of North Carolina's bond rating proves that a previous description of lawmakers as “dimwits” fits several of them uncomfortably well.

  • The Bowles-Blue Sprint

    There's only three weeks to go until the Senate primary, and the Democratic nomination is still anyone's to get. The campaign hasn't unfolded according to predictions, so don't expect any.