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  • Easley to Mayors: Stick It

    After inviting the mayors of North Carolina's largest cities to come up with ways to balance the state budget without using local revenues, Mike Easley greeted their sound proposal yesterday with a loud and rude “no.”…

  • Tax Cuts Don’t Cost, They Save

    Last year some were saying that a new federal tax cut for business would “cost” North Carolina $479 million over three years. No, it would save us $479 million and create thousands of new jobs. Calling a tax cut a “cost” is perverse.

  • Health Care Battle Returns

    The great debate over health inflation didn't end with the demise of HillaryCare in 1993. It's back with a vengeance, as demonstrated by our state budget crisis and double-digit increases in private insurance costs.

  • Calling the Church Police

    Critics of the relationship between conservatives and some churches should be consistent by looking at connections between liberals and African-American churches.

  • Incoherence and Alcohol

    Political types often make contradictory arguments, but rarely in the same breath. On ABC stores, however, they simultaneously defend the government monopoly because it generates a lot of revenue and because it doesn't.

  • It’s the End of the World

    One sure sign of the apocolypse must be the existence of an online journal of daily musings, opinions, rumors, and rants by William Shatner of Star Trek fame.

  • Mike Easley’s Political Problem

    The governor's decision to withhold local revenues to cities and counties turned an inside-the-Beltline story into front-page news across the state.. The result is a declining approval rating.

  • Let’s Just Start Over

    Now that the N.C. Supreme Court has halted the legislative primaries, the Democratic majority in the General Assembly should try to produce a fair and competitive set of districts – and the state should delay all primaries until the summer.