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  • When Regulations Boomerang

    Free-market analysts who warn about the unintended consequences of government regulation now have another case to cite: mental-health parity laws, which have resulted in less access to services and lower spending on mental health care.

  • North Carolina’s Slipping Economy

    A look back at jobless rates in the South shows that North Carolina, which used to lead the economic pack and compare itself to Virginia and Georgia, is now edging closer to Alabama territory. Hey, maybe that big tax hike will help.

  • Bush v. Gore, Once More

    Snowbound and need a little reading material? Check out a new, comprehensive account of the election process and legal issues raised by the Florida election controversy of 2000.

  • The Independent, Weakly

    Carolina Journal publisher John Hood takes the left-wing Independent Weekly newspaper of Durham to task for running a gross opinion column equating the war of Afghanistan with rape.

  • All Washed Up, Figuratively

    Will North Carolina radicals who signed an anti-war diatribe from a communist-front group apologize for their embarrassing predictions about Afghanistan? Don’t hold your breath, says John Hood.

  • A World Not at Peace

    We are at the beginning of a long, and possibly dangerous, campaign against Islamic extremism and fascism, says John Hood.

  • N&O Buys Easley’s Blarney

    Normally astute political columnist Rob Christensen of the Raleigh News and Observer is taken in by Gov. Easley's spin on a flop of a gubernatorial term so far, reports John Hood.