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  • Newspapers, in some form, must be saved, but how?

    Newspapers refuse to die. On a superficial level, that’s a good thing. For as long as I can remember, newspaper publishers, editors, and the large corporations that pull the proverbial strings have made innumerable and mostly ill-fated attempts to revive an industry and business plan that…

  • Property rights have economic payoff

    While North Carolina's land-use rules are clearly superior to the regulatory policies prevalent in the northeast and Pacific coast, only Virginia in the southeast has a worse ranking than we do on this measure.

  • Less costly oversight for N.C. universities

    The administrators who oversee public university campuses across North Carolina could see a tighter budget in the years ahead. Details about a positive budget development emerged recently during an uncharacteristically fractious meeting of the UNC system’s Board of Governors. Reports about the meeting tended to focus on rare…

  • Reforming health care is critical

    Health care reform is only worth doing if it will significantly constrain the inflation of health care costs in the coming years and decades, including expenditures by Medicare and Medicaid.

  • New study a wake-up call for opponents of later start times 

    Teen biology favors the night owl, not the early bird. This reality is prompting educators to reconsider when to ring school’s first bell, even as research on the academic and health benefits of later start times stacks up. A new RAND Corp. study offers yet another upside to sleeping in:  Starting…

  • Partisan decline is nothing new

    In the past eight years, Democratic registration in North Carolina has dropped by about 128,000 voters while Republicans have gained 124,000 voters during the same period.

  • Probing progressive tax nostalgia

    Ever since North Carolina enacted a major tax reform package in 2013, left-of-center politicians and pundits have lamented the disappearance of a progressive income tax. The reason for their disappointment is unclear. That disappointment is especially perplexing if their goal is to ensure that taxpayers with higher incomes pay larger…