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  • Child tax changes would boost working, middle-class families

    RALEIGH — Note: This column was updated at 3:40 p.m. Children represent more than just an investment. But tax systems usually recognize that parents with kids are investing in the future. And proposed changes in North Carolina’s income tax system would ensure that working-class and middle-class families free more money…

  • Campuses should foster free speech

    Shouting down invited speakers or otherwise disrupting campus events is an attack on freedom of speech, not an exercise of freedom of speech, and should be punished accordingly.

  • The idea of ‘fake news’ is really nothing new

    Everyone seems to be talking about fake news these days. Enabled by social media, its originators deal in hoaxes and disinformation. The objectives vary, with some wishing merely to sow confusion, others attempting to influence behavior. The intention is always, however, to mislead. Fake news is old. Benjamin Franklin created…

  • Learning and winning go together

    Learning about why others disagree with you is hardly an impediment to achieving political victories. Nor is learning how to disagree without being an obnoxious jackass.

  • Rainy-day rules attract near-unanimous support

    RALEIGH — Lost beneath headlines highlighting the rancorous repeal of House Bill 2, N.C. lawmakers took another vote on the same day that could produce major long-term positive benefits for state government finances. With no fanfare, the N.C. House voted 111-2 on Thursday to accept the Senate’s version of House…

  • Businesses vote with their feet

    Just as most North Carolinians never volunteered to become grunts in some national war over LGBT rights, most sports leagues and corporate interests never signed up for a perpetual twilight struggle.

  • Sending mixed message, confusing North Carolinians

    Mixed signals. Some things are clear — lower taxes, fewer regulations, skilled workers, and efficient infrastructure lead to economic growth. A robust and growing business community creates jobs. Vouchers offer opportunities to low-income students, and school choice leads to better and more fulfilling educational outcomes. Investments in education and public…

  • New poll reinforces public support for N.C. craft brewers

    Craft beer and small breweries have grown well beyond niche markets. What was once a novelty is now ingrained in a culture that prefers local products emphasizing quality over quantity. Yet North Carolina brewers — and to a larger extent the state’s distillers — are entangled…