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  • Skepticism is healthy, but political posturing is not 

    Since 2011, the Republican-led General Assembly has enacted transformational reforms. These include changes to our tax structure, how we pay for infrastructure, and more options for parents when choosing schools for their children. My colleagues and others have written extensively over the past seven years of the details and the benefits these reforms have had to the state’s economy, its business…

  • Prison reform is hopeful sign

    The state was sending some offenders to prison who might best be punished by other means, which was increasing the cost to taxpayers as well as the risk that such offenders would commit subsequent crimes.

  • Cooper picks unwise political fights

    The governor is placing himself against the views of most North Carolinians and doing precisely what he accused his predecessor of doing — elevating a social issue into a major political controversy.

  • Sugary incentives harmful to economic health 

    I’ve enjoyed following the drama surrounding location of Amazon’s second headquarters and, make no mistake, drama it certainly has been. Amazon probably missed an opportunity by simply issuing a request for proposal rather than turning it into a reality TV series available exclusively on Prime. Tucson tried to give Jeff Bezos a cactus. Stonecrest, Georgia, offered to rename…

  • The deduction for state and local taxes: Fair and efficient tax policy

    Should you ever be taxed on “income” that is not, in any meaningful sense, yours? This is the fundamental question facing Congress in deciding whether to eliminate the deductibility of state income and local property taxes from federal taxable income, a policy change proposed by President Trump. Unfortunately, this question is unlikely…

  • Choice and regulation form spectrum

    On balance, there is likely no better mechanism for identifying and replicating successful schools over time than allow parents to make choices — and for education dollars to follow those choices.

  • Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, except college students

    College students are fighting an uphill battle when defending themselves against accusations. Today, students accused of misconduct are subjected to long and invasive investigations   without the right to legal representation, to question witnesses, or to be presumed innocent until proven guilty — all basic due process procedures to which every student should be entitled. …