The North Carolina Senate is advancing a bill that would prohibit applicants for state employee positions to affirm their support for the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) agenda.

Senate Bill 364, Nondiscrimination & Dignity in State Work, passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 26. The measure ensures that prospective state employees are not required to “endorse or opine on” any belief as a condition of employment.

“No one seeking a job at a state agency should have to be worried about whether they are woke enough to secure the position,” said Sen. Warren Daniel, R-Burke, the lead sponsor on the measure. 

Daniel referred to scenarios at UNC System schools where job applications required people to affirm DEI. Daniel added the bill does not infringe on anyone’s free speech rights.

The measure closely mirrors the UNC System policy recently enacted. The wording only applies to state non-exempt employees.

A second part of the bill applies to what Daniel termed “indoctrination” trainings that many employees are now required to take as a condition of their employment.