A note from the Carolina Journal Editors:

If you have been looking for Carolina Journal on Facebook, you won’t find us.

For more than a week, CJ’s Facebook page has been disabled. We are working with the platform to determine why, and how to get us back up and running with all the news coverage, opinion columns, and analysis that you have come to know and trust.

We will keep our readers updated on our communications with Facebook and let you know what we find out. For now, you can find all of Carolina Journal’s unique and powerful coverage on the John Locke Foundation Facebook page, and on our own Twitter and Instagram.

For this week’s critical primary election, we will be live-streaming results and analysis on the Carolina Journal YouTube channel covering the event in partnership with the North Carolina News Network.

Thank you for your support of the Carolina Journal. We are a non-profit news outlet covering public policy from a freedom-first, free-market perspective. Without our readers and advocates, we would not be able bring to light the big stories and behind-the-scenes coverage of North Carolina’s public policy landscape.

Very Sincerely,

Donna King

Ray Nothstine

Update: After a week, The Carolina Journal Facebook page was finally restored at 2:40 EST (May 16).