Category: Books and the Arts

  • Doubts About Heritage Tourism

    The president of Old Salem just resigned, calling into question some of the most sweeping assertions of those pushing for more tax dollars to be spent on North Carolina’s “heritage tourism.”…

  • Hooray for Aussies, Danes & Dutch

    The fight for freedom extends across a variety of places and issues — including education. A new book examines the international experience with parental choice of schools, without coming to a single conclusion.

  • Refresher Course in Mind & Market

    Jerry Muller's book The Mind and the Market is an excellent way to take a guided tour through all that European philosophy, economics, and social criticism you used to know about from college.

  • On History, Revision & Overreaction

    A certain attraction in Virginia is talking about adding “street scuffles” and “an occasional all-out brawl” to its performances to revive flagging attendance. There are bigger issues at stake than box office.

  • Greensboro Has Private Art Revival

    GREENSBORO — North Carolina was recently home to an exhibition of more than 80 works of art by Chinese watercolor artist Guan Weixing. Guan’s work has been described as “inconceivable” and “watercolor magic.” His work has won several international awards and a book of his paintings, “Memories of Peking: South…

  • Siths, Jedi & Other Martians

    It’s obviously the right time for a refresher course on Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, Star Wars, and Star Trek. But don’t expect politics to stay out of the discussion for long.

  • New Look at America’s Birth

    Think you know the whole story about George Washington crossing the Delaware? Probably not unless you have read a recent, Pulitzer-winning book by the eminent historian David Hackett Fischer.

  • Spend Some Specie on Spice

    For anyone inclined to feast on a tasty melange of history, religion, warfare, and economics, there's an interesting new book to read about the spice trade.