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  • A Splendid History of Trade

    British officials were trying to create a source of revenue for their colonial governors independent of elected colonial legislatures. Americans were having none of that.

  • CJ Interview: Robert Novak on 50 Years in D.C.

    RALEIGH — [Editor’s note: Veteran political columnist and television pundit Robert Novak, 78, passed away Tuesday morning after a yearlong battle with brain cancer. In his honor, Carolina Journal Online is republishing an interview with Novak produced originally for Carolina Journal Radio in July 2007.] Robert Novak marked his golden…

  • On The Art Of War (& Peace)

    Winning battles is not the same as achieving national objectives, and accomplishing those objectives without war should always be a leader’s aspiration.

  • Get Connected To New Econ Book

    Walden describes a Big Five consisting of banking & finance, information technology, pharmaceuticals and other chemical products, food processing, and vehicle manufacturing.

  • Something Else Engels Got Wrong

    Max Boot’s War Made New is not a one-sided brief for technological supremacy. One of his major themes is that having the latest weaponry is no guarantee of success.