Category: Business and Regulations

  • Performance Anxiety

    Charlotte ranks in the middle of the pack according to a new study of high performing U.S. cities. By cultivating risk taking, Charlotte can improve on that.

  • Learning Their Lesson on Boondoggles

    Never let it be said that state government is incapable of imparting a good education. Politicians, for example, are learning that they better stop asking the voters to approve their favorite schemes.

  • Looking for Philanthropic Leaders in NC

    RALEIGH — We are fortunate to live in a state that has a rich philanthropic history. Perhaps it is because we are in “God’s country” and are taught as youngsters to share with those less fortunate or it could be that North Carolina knows corporate philanthropy is just good business.

  • State-Backed Natural Gas Line Fails

    RALEIGH — A natural gas pipeline project in Northeastern North Carolina, built through the help of taxpayer-backed bonds, is hemorrhaging money and its managers are trying to find a way to stop the bleeding. Eastern NC Natural Gas was formed four years ago through an equal partnership between an economic…

  • No Safe Harbor for Private Ryan

    Charlotte's WSOC was among the TV stations which opted not to air Saving Private Ryan because of fear that the federal regulators might fine the station. There is a fix for this rather absurd outcome, one which would inject property rights and some common sense to the mix.

  • Black and White and Wrong All Over

    Far from bringing high paying, high tech jobs to North Carolina, the $242 million incentive package offered to Dell would net computer assembly jobs that pay around $10 an hour. Worse still, Dell might have opted to come to N.C. without the package, we'll never know.