Category: Business and Regulations

  • Panel Backs Incentives Disclosure

    RALEIGH—The N.C. House Commerce Committee on Wednesday approved a bill that would allow speedier and greater disclosure of information about economic incentive deals the state makes with corporations. The vote on two amended versions of Senate Bill 393 provoked lengthy debate among committee members. Some legislators said they were concerned…

  • Tax-Free or a Taxing Fee?

    Next time state officials say they are doing you a favor with tax-exempt sales, do what Santa does: check it twice. North Carolina officials promoted the recent tax-free weekend for school supplies as a boon (or bone?) to families of school-age children.

  • A Bad Bill Made Worse

    A negative times a negative might yield a positive number in multiplication, but the legislative process works rather differently — as is evident in a bad tax-credit bill that’s just gotten worse.

  • Burning Energy and Going Nowhere

    Congress may soon approve a compromise energy bill. It will be a waste of time and money, based on shallow thinking and shoddy economics, but it could have been even worse.

  • Former Official Against PNG Merger

    RALEIGH — The former deputy for longtime Democratic State Treasurer Harlan Boyles says the N.C. Utilities Commission should deny plans for Piedmont Natural Gas Co. to merge into its overall rate base a money-losing gas pipeline venture in the northeastern part of the state.

  • The Value of the Pre-Leap Look

    A medical journal has revealed the dangers of believing a single, “pathbreaking study” about a particular intervention. Often, subsequent research contradicts it. There’s a lesson here for all of us.

  • In This Case, Talk is Expensive

    Lawmakers and the Easley administration talked for months about reforming North Carolina's main tax-incentive program. But now it appears the Lee Act will survive two more years.

  • Internet Junction, What’s Your Function?

    Along with the countless innovations in consumer products and services, there has been a steady growth in the market for information about those products and services, including the companies that provide them. This is significant, since consumers now have access to markets literally all over the globe.

  • Do We CAFTA? Yes

    President Bush is coming to North Carolina Friday to talk up the Central American Free Trade Agreement. Here are some key points that he needs to address in his message.