Category: Business and Regulations

  • The Urge to Merge: A Splurge?

    An odd confluence of events Monday had several major corporations with North Carolina ties acquiring or merging with other companies. Some are crying foul -- of course.

  • No. 711: Privatized EMS in Critical Condition

    Marc Pickard is clearly frustrated as he explains why a man who suffered a stroke recently did not receive faster medical attention. Pickard is the training director for Convalescent Transport, a private ambulance company in Lenoir County. He notes that even though his company sits across the street from the…

  • Dole’s Gift to Easley

    Speaking to a meeting of municipal officials, Sen. Elizabeth Dole placed the blame for North Carolina economic woes on the Chinese currency. Gov. Easley eagerly agreed.

  • More on the Jobless Front

    A new study finds poor spending controls in the nation's unemployment insuranessnce system, wasting billions of dollars taxed from worker wages.

  • Beach Nourishment Debate Rages

    RALEIGH — Since the mid-1960s, the state and coastal-area local governments have spent more than $27 million to counteract natural and storm-related land erosion, primarily by dredging sand from channels and moving it onto North Carolina beaches. The federal government has contributed more than $40 million. While beach nourishment is…

  • Union Leader’s Tactics Backfire

    RALEIGH — Perhaps the proudest achievement of labor organizer Bruce Raynor — the real-life basis of a character in the film "Norma Rae" — was the unionization of six Pillowtex-Fieldcrest-Cannon mills in the Kannapolis area. After four failed votes, the first one in 1974, Raynor's union finally succeeded in 1999.

  • Critical Condition in Emergency Response

    Private-ambulance official Marc Pickard is clearly frustrated as he explains why a Lenoir County man who suffered a stroke last week did not receive faster medical attention. Even though Pickard's company, Convalescent Transport, sits across the street from the stroke victim’s house, county law prevented its ambulance from responding. Instead,…

  • Union Blocked Springs-Pillowtex Deal

    RALEIGH—The 6,450 layoffs at Pillowtex, Inc., which included about 4,800 workers in North Carolina, may have been mitigated had the union representing its employees not intervened in a deal to sell parts of the company. The largest manufacturer of home fashions in the United States, Springs Industries, offered as much…