Category: Business and Regulations

  • Why the Econ-Pundits Got It Wrong

    RALEIGH — Well-publicized forecasts of the catastrophic American deflation of 2002, trumpeted by such headlines as “The Deflation Monster Lives” and “Why We Should Fear Deflation,” never materialized, a Pace University economist said at a John Locke Foundation luncheon Friday. Austrian-school economist Joseph T. Salerno refuted the many myths about…

  • NCSU Professor Discounts Deficits

    RALEIGH -- Government deficits, often given profuse media attention, are actually less important to the overall economy than spending and taxing patterns, an economics professor said Monday at a John Locke Foundation luncheon. John J. Seater, N.C. State professor of macroeconomics and monetary economics, explained that the type and amount…

  • Study Calls for Audit of Commerce Dept.

    RALEIGH -- Researchers from the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise at UNC-Chapel Hill released a report last week ordered by the legislature in September after some of them had questioned the value of the seven regional economic development partnerships in the state. One recommendation: audit the NC Department of Commerce.

  • Many Communities See High Electric Bills

    KINSTON – Electrical customers in North Carolina served by city-owned electric utilities commonly grouped under the association name of ElectriCities have experienced steep increases in their bills in recent months. In Kinston, for example, rates went up three times in 2002 for a total 10 percent increase. Given the financial…

  • Horton Drops Litigation Without Explanation

    A Raleigh businessman withdrew a preliminary motion for a lawsuit he had filed against a group of businessmen in which he alleged they had interfered with his plans to build a fuel ethanol plant in Beaufort County. William Horton, in his initial filing in Wake County Superior Court on Feb.

  • Easley Speech Channels Reagan

    The governor's 2003 State of the State address Monday night showed him tacking to the right of his 2001 political program and rhetoric, mixing a little fiscal amnesia with fiscal analgesia.

  • North Carolina Flunks Science

    North Carolina is poised to replace its wasteful auto emission tests with an even more costly system — and one that will ignore those most responsible for our (modest) pollution problem.

  • ABC Commissioner Fails to Disclose Related Business Interest

    RALEIGH — A member of the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission failed to disclose his interests in a fuel ethanol plant when he filed his 2003 Statement of Economic Interest with the State Board of Ethics on Feb. 25. A Feb. 18 Carolina Journal Online story reported that the commissioner,…

  • Businessman Sues, Alleges Conspiracy in N.C. Government

    RALEIGH — A Raleigh businessman is suing a consortium of interests, one of them linked to publicly funded Golden LEAF for allegedly conspiring to keep him from building an ethanol plant in Beaufort County. His accusations include racketeering, extortion, corruption, and conspiracy, which reach “the highest levels of state government.”…