Category: Business and Regulations

  • Businessman Sues, Alleges Conspiracy in N.C. Government

    RALEIGH — A Raleigh businessman is suing a consortium of interests, one of them linked to publicly funded Golden LEAF for allegedly conspiring to keep him from building an ethanol plant in Beaufort County. His accusations include racketeering, extortion, corruption, and conspiracy, which reach “the highest levels of state government.”…

  • Businessman Sues Group Affiliated with Golden LEAF

    Don Carrington breaks a story about a businessman who has sought to build an ethanol plant in North Carolina for more than 20 years and is suing a consortium of interests including the North Carolina Grain Growers’ Cooperative, which is heavily financed by Golden LEAF.

  • Airports Still Flying High in NC

    The airline industry continues to be caught in a severe financial downdraft, as the effects of a weak economy and the aftermath of Sept. 11 send carriers to a second year of heavy losses. Michael Lowrey reports that despite setbacks, North Carolina’s main airports remain attractive and busy places to…

  • ‘Smart Growth’ Fizzles at Election Time

    The September release of a Smart Growth America study charging that North Carolina’s Triad and Triangle regions have the second- and third-most serious sprawl problems in the country put discussion of so-called “Smart Growth” back in the state’s news. But Donna Martinez reports that growth policies took a backseat to…

  • Tax Problems Acknowledged

    In late October the North Carolina Economic Development Board released its 2002 Economic Development Strategic Plan. The 57-page plan relies heavily on government-funded programs, but also draws attention to North Carolina’s high tax rates and overall tax burden, reports Don Carrington.

  • Study: Incentives Not a Priority

    Paul Chesser reports that the use of economic incentives by governments as a tool for luring business and industry, but professor Dennis Rondinelli said recently that very little research has been done to measure the success of such enticements.