Locke’s Terry Stoops reacts to N.C. Supreme Court’s Leandro arguments

Dr. Terry Stoops, director of the John Locke Foundation’s Center for Effective Education, discusses N.C. Supreme Court oral arguments in the long-running Leandro education funding lawsuit. Stoops offered these comments during the Aug. 31, 2022, edition of Spectrum News 1’s “Capital Tonight.”

Dr. Terry Stoops

State Supreme Court peppers lawyers with questions about $785 million Leandro spending order

The N.C. Supreme Court will decide in the days ahead whether a judge can order the state to spend an additional $785 million for education-related items. Justices also will decide whether the courts can bypass the General Assembly and order the money transferred out of the state treasury. Those are the key questions in the latest stage of the long-running Leandro school funding case. The case that dates back to 1994 returned to the state’s highest court Wednesday for oral arguments.

CJ Staff

Study: UNC Chapel Hill has 16x more Democrat professors than Republican

A recent study by the conservative site The College Fix found that UNC Chapel Hill professors were 16 times more likely to be registered as Democrats than as Republicans. The study looked at 14 humanities and STEM departments, cross referencing the first, middle, and last names of the professors with those on the State Board of Elections.

David Larson

U.S. Supreme Court filing compares UNC leaders to 1950s-era segregationists

A filing this month in the U.S. Supreme Court accuses University of North Carolina leaders of making the same types of arguments that segregationists made against the landmark 1954 ruling Brown v. Board of Education. The brief from Students for Fair Admissions marks the latest salvo in that group’s battle against UNC’s race-based admissions policy. The nation’s highest court will hear oral arguments in the case on Oct. 31.

CJ Staff

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What is WestEd? Arguments this week could determine what N.C. children learn

The N.C. Supreme Court justices hear oral arguments this week in a politically charged case that could end up determining who controls North Carolina's government education system, how money is allocated for it, and what is taught to North Carolina's children.

Donna King, David N. Bass

Latest data shows strong homeschool and private school enrollment in NC

Two reports published by the North Carolina State Department of Administration’s Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE) related to homeschools and private schools across the state show both options have strong enrollment figures. The 2022 North Carolina Home School Statistical Summary’s key takeaways include a statewide total of 100,904 homeschools and a total of 160,528 students ages six...

A.P. Dillon

Biden can’t buy my vote

Amid crippling inflation and plummeting poll numbers, President Biden threw a Hail Mary this week — announcing a sweeping student loan forgiveness plan of up to $10,000 per borrower, or up to $20,000 for those with Pell Grants. Simply put, Biden’s grasping at more taxpayer dollars to influence the vote before the November midterms. As...

David Capen

Hyperwoke librarian’s racist rant and other outrageous​ stories

Animals are victims of ‘human supremacy,’ growing student organization claims “Students Opposing Speciesism” is the name of the organization. I think all of us are for proper and humane treatment of animals but it’s interesting this group wants to strip people of their humanity. Hyperwoke librarian at $60,000-a-year NYC private school who believes that gender...

Ray Nothstine

Student loan forgiveness signals more national decline

Of all the bad economic policies I’ve seen in government — and boy, let me tell you, I’ve seen a lot — the decision to “forgive” student debt is, by far, the worst by degrees of comparison. It is intellectually dishonest, it is morally indefensible, and it screams louder than any other thing the Biden administration has done, that...

Woody White