Category: Healthcare

  • Welcome Back, Cutters

    Whether you like it or not, the 2009 budget debate will largely be about controlling costs, reducing redundancies, and ending some state programs.

  • A Health Care Reform For States

    Occupational-licensing laws written decades ago, at the behest of the very professions they are supposed to regulate, represent an impediment to health care reform.

  • Be a Pepper

    "We cannot depend upon benevolence for our dinner—but can we depend wholly on Adam Smith's invisible hand?" Free To Choose Despite the latest round of calls for—and adoption of—increased product regulation and import controls, the best news for consumers is more market-imposed discipline. The Red Pepper Principle of Product Safety…

  • If You Want the World to Be Your Oyster

    Why has the air in Beijing, China been so dirty and polluted that, just days before the Summer Olympics were set to begin, athletes worried about the need to wear air filtration masks to protect their health? Hint: China is very much a command-and-control (read: communist-model) country. As one observer…

  • Some Promising News On Medicaid

    Just two years into the implementation, it’s too early to draw definitive conclusions about Florida’s Medicaid reform. But there are several indicators of progress.