Category: Healthcare

  • Just Say What You Mean

    If participants in North Carolina political debate truly wish to serve the public, they will say what they mean and mean what they say.

  • The Fatal, Foolish Free-Lunch Fantasy

    Is there a worldwide shortage of rice? No, but rice is more scarce in some regions than it has been in recent years, and there is an ongoing debate over what the next policy steps should be. This apparent worldwide food crisis owes to a crippling confluence of wishful-thinking monetary…

  • Unhealthy Lack Of Perspective

    If I gave you a list of 12 major industrialized countries and asked you where the highest share of medical bills was paid directly by patients, would you say the United States?…

  • Jail Diversion Programs Boost Mental Health Reforms

    RALEIGH – North Carolina counties could boost public safety, cut costs, and improve health outcomes by steering the mentally ill away from jail and toward community-based care. That’s the major finding in a new John Locke Foundation Spotlight report.

  • A Mandate For Simplistic Policy

    By all means, policymakers in North Carolina should look northward to Massachusetts – not to find out what to enact in our state, but instead to find out what to avoid.

  • Long-Term Care Strains Budget

    RALEIGH – North Carolina will face “insurmountable” budget problems linked to retiring baby boomers if the state continues on its current course of long-term care public policy, according to a new Policy Report prepared for the John Locke Foundation by the Center for Long-Term Care Reform.