Category: Healthcare

  • Can’t Buy Me Love

    When it comes to money and happiness, economists make two points. First, that more money or wealth leads to greater happiness (as a general rule). And second, that additional dollars are always used to satisfy additional but lower priority wants than previous dollars, everything else equal. If money can't buy…

  • More Credit Where Credit’s Due

    This is truly a case where the economics is solid, the politics potentially salable, and a screwy tax break disproportionately benefiting the wealthy and distorting market outcomes can be transformed into a sensible policy.

  • Jump Back Jack Sprat

    How much freedom should consumers have to decide which products and services they are allowed to buy? Recent trends seem geared toward narrowing consumer and producer choices, particularly in the area of how we manage our body fat. If consumers would adopt the Golden Mean, they would help preserve their…

  • The Mouse that Poured

    It's a fact that, for better of for worse, many Americans pursue immoderate habits when it comes to food and drink. One result is that in the U.S. we have been getting noticeably more chubby. So, it seems, have our American mice. The health effects may be a past tense…

  • The Disparity in Health-Care Claims

    The lack of universal, single-payer health insurance run by the government does not explain health disparities within the U.S. or between its citizens and those of other countries.

  • Health Costs & Single-Payer Plans

    Health-care costs are growing rapidly. What is in dispute is why those costs are surging, who is paying them, and how to address the issue without causing other problems, economic or medical.

  • Medicaid Bill Draws Fire

    RALEIGH — A plan to help North Carolina counties cope with rising Medicaid costs is drawing fire from some legislators. The legislators might discuss the $27.4 million plan again this week.