Category: Healthcare

  • War of the Coffee Worlds

    When I spotted a coffee-cola combination recently in a college bookstore, I began to wonder how many other coffee-infused foods and drinks — besides the very familiar flavorings for desserts and liqueurs — there are around. I was surprised at even the partial listing I discovered. You can consume coffee,…

  • Report: Reform Individuals, Not State

    RALEIGH — An expansion of the state-federal Medicaid program is a prescription for more health care problems, a new John Locke Foundation Spotlight report argues. Instead, consumers should manage their own health care.

  • State Grants Aimed at Minority Health

    RALEIGH — The state plans to give grants of up to half a million dollars to government agencies or nonprofit corporations that can devise suitable plans to improve the health of minority North Carolina residents.

  • Friday Interview: Certificate-of-Need Law

    RALEIGH — Welcome to Carolina Journal Online’s Friday Interview. Today the John Locke Foundation’s Donna Martinez discusses North Carolina's certificate-of-need law with John Locke Vice President for Research Dr. Roy Cordato. The interview aired on Carolina Journal Radio (click here to find the station near you).

  • Mental Health Reform’s ‘Perfect Storm’

    GREENSBORO — So far, mental health reform in North Carolina has not gone smoothly. A report card recently issued by the North Carolina Psychiatric Association said that mental health reform “ran into a perfect storm’ of adverse events, among them budget problems, Medicaid shortfalls and increased populations of those needing…

  • Report: State Should Embrace HSAs

    RALEIGH – Two years ago President George W. Bush signed legislation that made tax-free "health savings accounts" possible. With many private businesses embracing HSAs as an alternative to traditional insurance arrangements, a new report from the John Locke Foundation urges the General Assembly to offer HSAs to North Carolina's teachers…

  • Act Before the Fiscal Wreck

    A new report proposes that North Carolina stabilize the cost and improve the offerings of the state employee health plan by creating health savings accounts. Look close to home for a precedent.