Category: Healthcare

  • Friday Interview: Healthcare Innovation

    RALEIGH — Welcome to Carolina Journal Online’s Friday Interview. Today the John Locke Foundation’s Donna Martinez interviews Dr. Brian Forrest of Apex, who has opened a medical practice that he believes is the healthcare model of the future. The interview aired on Carolina Journal Radio (click here to find the…

  • Practical Realities of Regulation

    A new study suggests a link between health-insurance costs and unemployment. Since the North Carolina legislature has hiked the price of insurance through mandated benefits, they deserve some blame.

  • Secondary Consequences and the Stuffy Nose

    Lawmakers have decided that pseudoephedrine, sold under the brand name Sudafed, presents a danger to the public because it can be converted to methamphetamine. What has happened with Sudafed is truly a tale of the unintended consequences of the 'war on drugs,' creating secondary consequences in other markets.

  • Good Example of Bad Policy

    A new state law on chiropractors interferes with the right to contract, forces insurers retroactively to pay for services, and was enacted improperly by legislators in the budget bill. Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln . . .

  • Don’t Get Used to It

    Health and human services spending, of which Medicaid is the chief element, will grow at a slower rate in FY 2005-06 than North Carolina’s overall state budget will. But that’s not saying much, and changes are still needed.

  • 13-Year Fight Against State Continues

    RALEIGH — State employees can expect a long and arduous fight if they want to address grievances with their employer, at least if their grievances are like those of former state parole and probation officer James Lewis. For the last 13 years Lewis has been in and out of courtrooms,…

  • A Bad Bill Made Worse

    A negative times a negative might yield a positive number in multiplication, but the legislative process works rather differently — as is evident in a bad tax-credit bill that’s just gotten worse.

  • Getting the Drift & Short Shrift

    The state-budget talks continue in Raleigh, math errors lead to calls for more government, teachers call for higher taxes. The sweltering heat isn’t the only bad news for taxpayers this week.

  • The Value of the Pre-Leap Look

    A medical journal has revealed the dangers of believing a single, “pathbreaking study” about a particular intervention. Often, subsequent research contradicts it. There’s a lesson here for all of us.

  • Recovering Our Fiscal Balance

    A new report from AARP shows that North Carolina is no leader when it comes to recovering Medicaid expenses from long-term care recipients who aren't poor. We must do better.