Category: Healthcare

  • Getting the Drift & Short Shrift

    The state-budget talks continue in Raleigh, math errors lead to calls for more government, teachers call for higher taxes. The sweltering heat isn’t the only bad news for taxpayers this week.

  • The Value of the Pre-Leap Look

    A medical journal has revealed the dangers of believing a single, “pathbreaking study” about a particular intervention. Often, subsequent research contradicts it. There’s a lesson here for all of us.

  • Recovering Our Fiscal Balance

    A new report from AARP shows that North Carolina is no leader when it comes to recovering Medicaid expenses from long-term care recipients who aren't poor. We must do better.

  • A Revealing Set of Numbers

    North Carolinians aren't happy with the direction of their state, and a group of them are preparing to rally Wednesday to make their voices heard. Here's part of the reason why.

  • A Pungent Layer of Onion

    Health care reform is a complicated issue with many layers. One well worth a closer look is the role that state taxes and regulations play in pushing premiums up.

  • More Than Cows Are At Steak

    NCSU Veterinary School is expanding its capacity to treat animals, and it's also trying to make the most out of technologies that have applications in both human and animal health. A synergistic relationship may develop between veterinary teaching, research, and techniques and human health care facilities…

  • Governor, Stick to Your Guns

    Gov. Mike Easley has a couple of chances to make good on his rhetoric of fiscal conservatism. Lobbyists are resisting Medicaid reform while lawmakers want to give state-owned land away.

  • On Medicaid, At Least Follow

    Regarding the budget-devouring monster known as Medicaid, North Carolina policymakers don’t seem willing to lead, follow, or even get out of the way. Fiscal discipline requires action.