Category: Healthcare

  • Governor, Stick to Your Guns

    Gov. Mike Easley has a couple of chances to make good on his rhetoric of fiscal conservatism. Lobbyists are resisting Medicaid reform while lawmakers want to give state-owned land away.

  • On Medicaid, At Least Follow

    Regarding the budget-devouring monster known as Medicaid, North Carolina policymakers don’t seem willing to lead, follow, or even get out of the way. Fiscal discipline requires action.

  • You Mean Socialism Isn’t Superior?

    A new paper punctures the mythology surrounding government-run health insurance as superior to private markets — just in time to dovetail with a Wednesday luncheon in Raleigh on the subject.

  • Making Sense Out of Medicaid

    A governor spoke in Raleigh Tuesday about the need to make fundamental changes in Medicaid to avoid ongoing fiscal problems. Demonstrators attacked him as heartless. Guess who?…

  • State Health Care Called Bad Option

    RALEIGH — Health care costs are out of control due to several factors, but a panel of speakers said yesterday that government subsidized and imposed universal health care in the U.S would make a troubled system worse. Representatives of N.C. physicians and hospitals, and executives from pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline and…

  • Report Praises Bush Regulatory Plan

    RALEIGH — Although mercury levels today pose little health risk, the Bush administration’s “Cap and Trade” rule would be the most effective way to further reduce mercury emissions, according to a new study. In other research notes: Reason magazine reports flaws in a 2001 federal study concluding that Europe’s liberal…

  • Politics Shape Prospects for Reform

    KERNERSVILLE — The best prospect for a solution to North Carolina’s medical liability “crisis” may be to wait and see whether President Bush will be able to force some action out of Congress. Although national tort reform legislation would no doubt come as a relief to many, it would also…

  • Time for Tort Reform in North Carolina?

    RALEIGH — North Carolina, like other states, is currently considering important modifications to its Common Law of tort, and especially to that subset of tort known as medical malpractice. This is because malpractice insurance premiums for North Carolina physicians are apparently increasing at a rapid rate, which allegedly imperils the…

  • The Tyranny of Public Health

    Fresh from expanding their purview far beyond its proper bounds in areas like smoking and gun control, North Carolina public health officials now have a new target for vilification: urban sprawl.