Category: K-12 Education

  • Colorado Makes the Right Choice

    Colorado Gov. Bill Owens has just signed into law the nation's most sweeping program of school choice, extending educational opportunity to as many as 20,000 children. North Carolina should be next.

  • After-School Program Fails to Deliver

    RALEIGH — Disappointing academic results have led to closer scrutiny of 21st Century Community Learning Centers, the nation’s largest federally funded after-school program. The Community Learning Centers were funded by Congress to boost academic achievement. A variety of academic and cultural enrichment activities have been part of the center’s approach.

  • New Study Shows Gains from Choice

    RALEIGH — Most North Carolinians would say they continue to enjoy a large amount of personal freedom. But North Carolina is only a ‘partly free state,’ according to education researcher Dr. Jay Greene. His latest study placed North Carolina 27th in the nation. This middle-of-the-pack slot is an improvement over…

  • Responding to Obesity Epidemic

    RALEIGH — According to a recent assessment of American health and fitness by the U.S. government, “Fitness problems such as obesity and overweight have reached truly epidemic proportions in the United States.” In response, the North Carolina State Board of Education adopted a new physical activity policy at its meeting…

  • North Carolina Preschool Programs Grow

    RALEIGH -- Pre-kindergarten education is a growth industry across the United States, and North Carolina is no exception with its costly Smart Start and More at Four programs. But before policymakers can understand whether pre-K programs are worthwhile, effective, wasteful, or absolutely essential, it makes sense to figure out what…

  • Selective Educational Exuberance

    Scholarly research documents that school choice has a greater impact on test scores than programs such as the ABCs, class-size reduction, or Smart Start. So why isn't this big news?…

  • Smart Start Strikes Again

    North Carolina’s most cleverly named social program has again proven its PR skills with a new report claiming educational benefits that, on closer inspection, prove far less than advertised.