Category: Opinion

  • Republicans and Overconfidence

    The national GOP is basking in the glow of sky-high poll numbers for President Bush, modest gains from redistricting, and leads in party identification. But it is long time until November.

  • Look for the Union Label

    Reporters often label a "conservative" or "libertarian" think tank as such, but hardly ever mention when an organization is left-wing or union-associated.

  • Patriot Games

    It doesn't get any better than this — in the year that terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon, a team called the Patriots has won the Superbowl.

  • The Tyranny of Public Health

    Fresh from expanding their purview far beyond its proper bounds in areas like smoking and gun control, North Carolina public health officials now have a new target for vilification: urban sprawl.

  • The Independent, Weakly

    Carolina Journal publisher John Hood takes the left-wing Independent Weekly newspaper of Durham to task for running a gross opinion column equating the war of Afghanistan with rape.

  • All Washed Up, Figuratively

    Will North Carolina radicals who signed an anti-war diatribe from a communist-front group apologize for their embarrassing predictions about Afghanistan? Don’t hold your breath, says John Hood.

  • A World Not at Peace

    We are at the beginning of a long, and possibly dangerous, campaign against Islamic extremism and fascism, says John Hood.