Category: Opinion

  • Simon Says: No More Gray

    An inexperienced Republican conservative upstart has upset the liberal establishment big-city mayor in the California GOP Primary for governor. Was it this week ... or 1966 when the upstart was named Ronald Reagan?…

  • Racial intimidation at N.C. State

    On Thursday, Feb. 28, North Carolina State University Prof. Phillip Muñoz's political science class on "Law and Justice" was interrupted by a group of black students. The group passed out slips of paper to students as they entered the classroom, then lined up along the side wall of the classroom.

  • Exposing Enviro-Extremism

    Articles in the current issue of two similarly sounding magazines, The American Spectator and The American Enterprise, illustrate the dangers of relying on radical environmentalists to shape policies based on science rather than myth.

  • Edwards’ Unwelcome Attention

    Now that Sen. John Edwards is running for president, conservatives in the Washington media are starting to take notice of him, and not in flattering ways, as the recent nomination fight over Judge Charles Pickering illustrates.

  • Now That’s a Legislature

    If N.C. House members represented the same number of citizens as do their counterparts in Vermont or New Hampshire, we could have 2,222 representatives in that body. Sound ridiculous? But the body couldn't meet often or long enough to do any real damage.

  • Liberal Groups to Grow

    Despite having far more lucrative sources of funds, leftist groups will continue to be viewed as outgunned, outmanned, and closer to average citizens than conservatives, though the opposite is far closer to the truth.

  • Checking on Cash

    Discarding his previously genial but committed political liberalism, the Carolinian editor and local television commentator has begun to take annoying pokes at his rhetoric foes and even, on occasion, resort to vicious name-calling.

  • Smart Growth & Redlining

    Those who favor additional growth controls might bristle at the comparison between Smart Growth and Jim Crow segregation, but the fact is when government restricts housing freedom, low-income populations are hurt the most.