Category: Opinion

  • Cooper commits monumental error

    A 2015 law enacted by bipartisan majorities in the General Assembly had forbidden state or local officials from removing public monuments except under limited circumstances. And, of course, preexisting state law made it a crime for private citizens, acting individually or as part of a mob, to deface, damage, or…

  • You seem lost, governor. We certainly are

    I’ve about had it.  Enough, already, with the mandates and decrees enacted to protect us from COVID-19. From each other. The inconsistent and obtuse data. The pedantic lecturing.  Enough. I’m tired, and I’m not alone. I’m sure of that, evidenced by the myriad…

  • Defunding the police is absurd

    Fewer cops on the street will likely produce more crime and disorder. It will immiserate people, particularly those who reside in lower-income communities where crime rates are higher.

  • Cooper’s orders were relatively strict

    The only state in the Southeast that seems to rival North Carolina in the stringency of COVID-19 regulation is Virginia. Not coincidentally, the two states have had among the largest drops in consumer and worker mobility.

  • Another shutdown order will fail

    The governor has arrogated to himself the unilateral authority to shut down indefinitely large swaths of economic and social life. I truly hope he doesn’t try it, again.

  • Law enforcement: Use caution when calling for sweeping policing reforms

    In America 2020, protests and hashtags have replaced public policy debate and deliberative process. Giving into protesters demands to #DefundThePolice, the Minneapolis City Council pledged to “dismantle” the city’s police department. A note of caution. Take my words through the filter of a proud wife of a retired member…